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a new year, a new website

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

2020 being a - to say the least - challenging year, it has also been a time for make new beginnings. One of which is a new website. But there was more ...

How did 2020 turn out to be truly valuable - despite all the adversity we had to face?

After Covid-19 presented itself to the world, businesses closed their operations and saw their sales plummet. So was the case for us as well, a new project abruptly ended. Shortly after the world - for us - came to a halt, we initiated several programs to explore the possibilities in the new, locked down reality.

  1. With a group of 30 professionals - in change and development - we explored the limitations and possibilities of facilitating change processes completely online. This proved to be very rewarding since we learned from each other how to (properly) work with tools like Miro, Zoom, or CircleLytics and we worked together on designing workshops and other processes to match online facilitation. Together, we rapidly grew and developed ourselves.

  2. In addition to our preferred methodology for change and organization development - Appreciative Inquiry - I enrolled in the Agile Project Management course at University of Maryland (through EdX). This provided me with new insights on how to further tailor project design to meet clients' needs and todays speed of innovation.

  3. 2020 also allowed me to step back and have more personal, professionally intimate conversation with clients. Because we all were hit by restrictions, new ways to communicate and collaborate, issues were brought more easily and shared.

Bringing it all together

These developments fed into my preference for co-creating new ways of working and on helping organizations to perform on service delivery. And it all came together while talking to some of my clients and contacts in professional services firms, thinking of how to best serve customers in an online setting. We'll share more of this promising journey with you in the new year.


Please stay in touch to follow the latest developments in my work on co-creation, change management and working online.

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