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fridays at four

In recent weeks, I have been talking to quite a few law and accountancy firms to discuss challenges in improving client interaction in these times. Moving beyond organizing webinars or having video calls, is a necessity most firms agree on. Discussing possibilities in online interaction has much benefited from being able to show how this looks and feels like: When we have a meeting in Zoom or Teams, we combine this with interactive tools in a dedicated, online space. And while we discuss challenges and explore possibilities, we experience what it can be, to have interaction or even co-create online. What I call my 'Matroeskja doll' has proven very valuable for the people I talked with in taking that next step.

So, why not better combine an online get-together with sharing new insights and the latest developments? This is why you are invited to a regular ("weekly" - please check my LinkedIn page) meet-up. Standard time is 4 pm at Friday. To make sure there is sufficient room to connect with peers (ex-)colleagues and to get to know new, interesting people, the guest list is limited.

For more information, check out 'Fridays at Four' with Florent Meier.

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