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read some of the projects and assignments we successfully completed for our clients and get inspiration of what's possible

Basic-FIt: excellent service in all clubs

Investing heavily in technology and self-service, Basic-Fit never lost sight of the human touch. Service in the clubs delivered by their Hosts has always been regarded (at least) equally important. But to manage this was something completely different than developing an App and rolling out its functionality. 
As a first step in transforming servies to members at the club, we made the case for the new behavior. After a full 'go ahead', we invited (middle) management and employee to give meaning to the new behaviorThis was done using Appreciative Inquiry, in a facilitated process. The result was then tested in several clubs in Europe, by having Team managers apply a similar "Appreciative Dialogue' with their team members. This worked so well that we decided to roll out the new behavior through applying the new format as a replacement for the Performance Management conversation. 

Basic-Fit story

Ey: becoming more proactive

Responding to a global client survey, EY Assurance (The Netherlands) raised the bar and wanted to become more proactive in its service delivery. After several communication, training and marketing campaigns, they realized that this needed a different approach. Working with the internal team, we designed a process in which high-intensity workshops were combined with interactive online tools. Doing so, we realized a thorough co-creation process and were still able to manage investments and time spent to remain at an acceptable level.
The participation of clients in the process proved to be a strong driver for change. Preferences and needs, identified through 'Appreciative Inquiry' directed the ongoing dialogue. The focus on prior, individual success was a key driver to break down resistance and fear of negative, zelf-built images of the change.

EY proactive

Vebego Airport SErvices: aligning service levels

After the takeover of the Information Desk and SDBV, from Schiphol Airport, Vebego needed to make significant changes to management styles. This was to be done while upholding the service levels which have always been high at the airport. Being responsible for Human Resources (and IT), Florent initiated and managed several interventions to make employees feel welcome and part of the core business (facility services). By investing in making a personal connection and driving employee engagement, the change towards a more result-driven culture was made more easy. 


VAS aligning service
Vebego Airport.jpg

ING Ops & IT banking: making company values come alive

The ICT division of ING wanted to reinforce its company culture by introducing a new set of core values. They realized that this would not add any value if these values remained a paper tool. They needed to be activated, to come alive. In addition to a more traditional internal communications campaign, we set up an interactive process to do just that.
First, we held several interviews, to understand what employees and managers thought were typical behaviors defining the new values. These behaviors were identified by inquiring into past, successful events. They were then loaded into an interactive tool that forced employees to think about what they most valued. This resulted in increased awareness about the new Vore Values and its sustaining behaviors.

Ops&IT core values

interpolis: insurance product design


A true path of co-creation. Interpolis was well aware that Disability Insurance was perceived as being expensive. The product developers wanted to get into dialogue with its targeted customers, independent professionals. In both group dialogue separate interviews, features and prices were discusses. These were then combined - as a priced feature - prioritized in an online tool.


kennemerland Police: customer service improvement


The (former) police department of Kennemerland wanted to improve its service to the public. To support an actual change in performance, we held a series of workshops in which front line employees discussed what made excellent service. By applying Appreciative Inquiry methodology, highly intense and impressive experiences were shared. Previously, these were 'hidden' behind procedures and a 'this is just the work we do' attitude. But finding the time and manner to truly appreciate these moments, police officers could easily build on this to further improve service to the public. 


Hago Rail services: stepping up to responsibilities

Hago Rail Sevices

After the successful campaign of FNV Bondgenoten (trade union) to claim more respect for the professional cleaners in The Netherlands, Dutch Railways (NS) stood up to its responsibility as one of the largest commissioners for cleaning services. Five existing contracts were merged into one to create a new relationship, aimed at improving quality, craftmanship, respect and innovation. As its first Managing Director, Florent has lead the new company through its first two years, laying the basis for successful partnerships with both NS and FNV.

HRS 400x400.jpg

Adecco: making services more inclusive

Balancing between client requests and a diverse workforce, Adecco recognized the need to be truly inclusive in services both employers and temp workers. A tailor-made program was delivered to management, increasing awareness and knowledge. In a global roll-out a the training program contained practical exercises to address excluding client requests.


Adecco inclusive service

MKB Nederland: service redesign

As a service organization to a diverse group of member organizations, MKB Nederland (the Dutch SME association) needs to meet different needs and expectations. In order to prevent services to end up as a grey compromis to all, MKB Nl decided to go into dialogue with its members and use Q-sort to prioritize and identify different clusters. This provided useful input to tailor its service delivery to members with similar preferences.

MKB Nederland
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